Best Karate Classes & Lessons for Adults

The basic adult class provides the student with a solid foundation in martial arts training and provides basic self-defense skills. The course will take the student from White Belt to Purple Belt. The Basic program takes the average student about a year to complete. The course allows the student to make a reasonable commitment and provides sufficient time for them to experience success and decide what their future training goals will be.

Upon completing the Basic Course, most students will want to move up to a Black Belt Course to continue their training. We believe that learning to set and achieve a goal is an important part of a person’s martial arts education and will have life long benefits.

The life skills of success are taught through the disciplines of Kenpo Karate. In addition, the development of character is a natural outcome of dedication to this worthwhile goal. It is our objective to help students to develop their full potential and to be successful in earning their degree.

Black Belt club members will be given the opportunity to learn a variety of martial art styles including Eskrima (short sticks). Our school is proud to have three world champions to train with.

Please take advantage of our free lessons and check out our facility and staff. We are here to answer your questions and to help you find the class that fits your schedule and goals. A uniform is provided with sign-up to help you get started on your journey to first degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

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