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Karate for Kids

Grow, Develop,
Learn, Thrive

Age appropriate programs aimed at developing physical and mental capabilities

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For Kids

Respect, Self-Esteem & Confidence Building

Children can learn martial arts in a safe and stress free environment.

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Martial Arts For
Teens & Adults

Mind and Body Training for a healthy, fit life style

Learn self-confidence, get in shape, sharper minds, and valuable life skills.

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My girls and I are all taking Kenpo lessons from Northern Colorado Karate and we love it. The instructors are amazing, and the content is challenging but fun. I'm amazed at how much we've learned. The girls' self-confidence has grown exponentially, and I feel my own abilities growing each week. There is a "family" atmosphere Continue Reading

Amber G. February 7, 2018

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Fill Out This Form And Get
2 FREE Classes with a Free Evaluation

Special Offer

northern colorado karate class

Message From School Owner Sensei Kendrick Schuett

Welcome to Northern Colorado Karate where we have been serving the Loveland area since 1999. Our team is standing by to show you our facility and what we have to offer you and your family. I look forward to showing you our unique blend of modern training practices and ancient tradition. Each of our staff member contributes a distinct perspective to the art. These perspectives, combined with our intensive Instructor Certification Program, are the reason that our classes are interesting, challenging and fun. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Professional Instructors

For our kid students: Most parents who choose an activity aren’t even aware that most kids activities can damage kids’ self-esteem and don’t really teach anything beyond physical activity. We offer professional staff, various classes 6 days a week, and curriculum that is based on making the individual succeed while learning life skills that include respect, discipline, and communication.

For our adult students: Adults have a wide variety of goals when they start here. Some want to lose weight, some want to get in incredible shape, some want to learn self-defense and others want all of it! Our staff is friendly, goal oriented, and provide the right measure of structure and accountability to help you reach your goals. Having been in business since 1999 each of our seasoned instructors has many years of experience in teaching the martial arts as well as other discipline.

It’s Easy – and FREE – To Get Started!

If you are like most people, considering a martial arts program is a completely new idea. We understand and all of our Black Belts were where you are today. That’s why we make it easy for you to evaluate our program by offering two free “getting started ” classes right here on the website – just fill out the form on this page! You’re going to discover we offer a safe and fun environment that will build confidence, develop discipline, get you (or your kid) fit and safe… however, frankly you need to do it to find out

“Body Composition Tested” Martial Artists Free-Spar Obesity and WIN!

There are many ways to accurately assess whether a person is clinically overweight or obese, one of the easiest being body composition testing. Testing can be very helpful in combatting obesity when performed properly and safeguards followed. Likewise, there are many ways to curb the incline of obesity rates nationwide, one of the overall best […]

Karate Kids Are Good Grade Go-Getters

Martial Arts training and academic training have a common goal. That goal is to create a transformation in attitude and action within a student, leading to a successful, productive member of the community. In school, achievement is rewarded with higher scores or good grades. Training develops those qualities and habits necessary to meet the rigorous […]

Increase the Quality and Results of Your Physical Fitness Routine

A professionally-taught Karate program can yield better specific and overall results from your personal investment (time, effort, and money) in a supervised physical fitness regimen. Martial Arts schools have been helping adults and children improve the quality of their lives for some time, with tangible, enduring, life-improving outcomes for many students of all ages. Taking […]

A Humble, Determined Martial Arts Attitude Spurs Growth

People gravitate to the Martial Arts for a number of different reasons. Some are obvious, like physical fitness and learning how to defend yourself. Others, however, are less tangible but just as valid. Martial Arts can be an extremely powerful tool for improving your attitude and increasing positivity in every aspect of your life, both […]